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Dial 911

Public Incident Report If you are victim of a crime within the city limits of Ashland, Kentucky and you do not require an immediate response, use the Public Incident Report to contact the Ashland Police Department to report the incident.

Silent Witness
Do you have information on a crime, or person involved in a crime? If you have information about a crime and would like to remain anonymous please call our Silent Witness tip line. This Information will be kept strictly confidential.
CALL (606) 329-1771
Email Silent Witness

Negotiator Team
Negotiator Team:

The purpose of the Police Negotiator Team is to complement the department's total service program by the deployment of specially trained crisis negotiators which are trained in how to safely resolve critical incidents, hostage and/or crisis situations. This team provides the field units a tool to help safely resolve crisis situations. The primary objective of the Police Negotiator Team is to provide a support element of specially trained negotiators, to assist field units in safely managing situations including, but not limited to the following:
  1. Hostage situations
  2. Barricaded persons
  3. Suicidal persons
  4. Terrorist acts
  5. Anticipated barricaded or hostage situations such as during a Heavy Arrest
  6. Providing training in crisis negotiations to local law enforcement
  7. Such other unusual situations as may require the specialized services of the Police Negotiator Team as specified by directive of the Chief of Police or his/her designee and the Assistant Police Chief or his/her designee.
The Police Negotiation Team is separate from the SRT Team but works hand in hand with them when coordinating food delivery, release of hostages, placement of surveillance cameras and microphones and determination on suitability of tactical responses. The Negotiator Team has been very successful in enabling tense situations to be resolved without violence. The SRT Team immediately takes over in tactical situations.

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