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Public Incident Report If you are victim of a crime within the city limits of Ashland, Kentucky and you do not require an immediate response, use the Public Incident Report to contact the Ashland Police Department to report the incident.

Silent Witness
Do you have information on a crime, or person involved in a crime? If you have information about a crime and would like to remain anonymous please call our Silent Witness tip line. This Information will be kept strictly confidential.
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Employment Opportunities

Ashland, Kentucky is a city of 21,684 people. The City sits on the bank of the Ohio River near the confluence of the Big Sandy River. The Ohio River is the boundary between Kentucky and Ohio, and the Big Sandy River is the boundary between Kentucky and West Virginia. Ashland is a part of a larger area, the Huntington/Ashland Statistical Area, WV-KY-OH, which has a population of 365,419 and covers 2,159.9 square miles. The three largest cities in this region are Huntington, West Virginia, Ashland, Kentucky and Ironton, Ohio. The Ashland community is comprised of a largely homogeneous population and is often referred to as a blue collar town.

Ashland is organized as a home rule community and governed through the commission/manager form of government. The city manager is the chief administrative officer for the City. He reports to the board of commissioners. All department heads report to the city manager. The city manager is responsible for the day to day operations of the City, but by statute does not have the authority to hire or fire personnel. That authority is granted exclusively to the majority of the board of commissioners.

Today's police department has an authorized strength of 52, with 48 sworn officers. There are two civilian employees serving administrative support roles and two parapolice assigned to handle tasks not requiring the services of a sworn officer, e.g., parking enforcement, information center, records management, and property control. Each Ashland police officer is required to successfully complete 35 weeks of state and local mandated training before serving. Each sworn officer is required to successfully complete 40 hours annual in-service training as approved by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. In return for meeting and maintaining training requirements, each officer receives $3,100.00 from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Each Ashland police officer is required to successfully complete 34 weeks of state and local mandated training before serving. Each sworn officer is required to successfully complete 40 hours annual in-service training as approved by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. In return for meeting and maintaining training requirements, each officer receives $3,100.00 from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Applicants for Police Officer shall (1) by the date of submission of the application be twenty-one (21) years of age per KRS 15.382; (2) possess a high school diploma or have earned a GED; (3) possess a valid driver’s license; (4) have no prior felony conviction(s) or conviction(s) of domestic violence and not be prohibited by federal or state law from possessing a firearm; (5) not have had certification as a peace officer revoked in Kentucky or any other state; (6) as a pre-condition to employment and condition to continued employment, execute a waive to submit to random testing for illicit drugs; (7) be willing to become a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky prior to administration of the oath of office, if employed; (8) be willing to submit to a yearly medical exam; (8) be willing to execute a repayment agreement for continued employment with the APD for a minimum of 36 months; (9) be willing to attend basic training academy in Richmond, KY; and (10) be free of tattoos or body piercing that will be visible while in any departmentally issued uniform. Body piercing does not include the piercing of the ear lobe.

A copy of applicant’s birth certificate (issued by the Registrar of Vital Statistics from the state where born), high school diploma (or equivalent) and driver’s license MUST be attached to the completed employment application form when submitted to Human Resources. In addition, if a veteran of any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, a copy of official documentation or Form DD214, official discharge, showing the reason for discharge shall be attached to the application. The applicant shall not have received a dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge or general discharge under other than honorable conditions.

In addition to the aforementioned documentation, an applicant who is a “Certified Peace Officer� as defined in KRS 15.380 to 15.404 must provide the City a copy of the Peace Officer Professional Standards Certification issued by the KY Law Enforcement Council with the application. Certified peace officer applicants will be evaluated through the hiring process as outlined below prior to processing all non-certified applicants.

To receive credit for college education, Official Transcripts must be attached to the employment application.


The following steps will be used in the testing and hiring procedure:.

  1. Physical Fitness Evaluation – battery of tests consisting of a 1.5 mile run, 300 meter run, maximum push up, one repetition maximum bench press and one-minute sit up. Applicant must meet the standard of each and every test. (Certified peace officers excluded from this process)
  2. Written Examination – passing grade shall be a minimum score of 70% on multiple choice test measuring knowledge or and ability to read, write and understand the English language; ability to observe and recall information, facts and characteristics relevant to police duties; ability to understand and follow directions correctly; and general comprehension and knowledge (Certified peace officers excluded from this process)
  3. Suitability Screening – measures a broad spectrum of abilities, personal characteristics and related constructs such as integrity, conscientiousness and vocational preference, which are relevant to job related duties.
  4. Background Investigation – includes educational background, past employment history, personal background, credit standing
  5. Polygraph
  6. Oral Interview & Evaluation
  7. Recommendation by City Manager and approval by Board of Commissioners
  8. Medical Exam


    *Initial uniform issued upon employment

    *Department issued standard duty weapon and six (6) magazines

    *Three (3) weeks vacation after serving one year probationary period

    *Ten (10) paid holidays plus one additional vacation day for each holiday

    *Hazardous Duty Retirement through County Employees Retirement System

    *$25,000 term life insurance policy carried by the City plus voluntary additional life for employee, spouse and children available

    *One sick day/month (accumulate to 120 days). Upon retirement, any portion of accumulated and unused sick leave may be applied toward CERS retirement at the expense of the City

    *Health insurance: Deductibles - $1000/individual & $2000/family for in-network, $5000/individual & $10,000/family for out-of-network; 80/20 co-insurance in-network, $25 office visit co-pay. Out-of-pocket limits: $3500/individual & $7000/family in-network, $10,000/individual & $20,000/family out-of-network. Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for each employee - $900/individual & $1800/family. Employee contributions range from $20 to $82 maximum per pay. Dental coverage $1000 per person per year maximum.

    *Flexible Spending Account (calendar year minimum of $260, maximum of $2,500)

    *Dependent Child Care account (calendar year minimum of $260, maximum of $5,000)

    *$750 annual clothing allowance

    *$3,100 KLEFPF annual incentive after eligibility established

    *Tuition Assistance – reimbursement for approved job related education of 75% of tuition per class (minimum grade C) with $2,500 year cap

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