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Annual Awards:

June 2, 2010 Major Todd Kelley
Field Operations Division Commander
606.327.2080 (office)

Ashland Police Department Annual Awards

Members of the Ashland Police Department gathered recently for yearly awards. The event recognized both officers and civilians for bravery, dedication and devotion to the community. Chief Robert Ratliff recognized officers of all ranks and citizens for exceptional performance.

The Ashland Police Department analyzes submissions for awards concerning events from May 2009 to April 2010. Incidents involving officers engaging with armed individuals, major case investigations to life saving events are considered. Some submissions involve civilians who came to the aid of a neighbor, stranger or assisted an officer and putting themselves in danger.

The Awards and Commendation Program demonstrates the cooperative efforts of law enforcement officers and civilians willing to help in improving the quality of life in Ashland.

Awards are as follows:

Meritorious Service Award

Lieutenant William Bare
Sergeant Scott Sexton
Officer Jim Dooley
Officer Jason Hartzler
Officer Jeremy Helms
Officer Eric Homan
Officer Angel O'Pell
Officer J. R. Schoch
Officer Josh Steele

Honorable Service Award

Sergeant Jason Moore
Sergeant Tim Renfroe (x 2)
Officer Rob Brunty
Officer Brian Clark
Officer Matt Davis
Officer Jim Dooley
Officer Eric Homan
Officer Matt Howard (x 2)
Officer Angel O'Pell
Officer Gavin Patrick
Officer J.R. Schoch
Officer Erik Wilder

Exceptional Duty Award

Chief Robert Ratliff
Officer Dustin Allgood
Officer Richard Bohannon
Officer Robert Brunty
Officer Jim Dooley
Officer Tony Floyd
Officer Ed Harrison
Officer Jeremy Helms
Officer Scott Menefee
Officer Danny Mooney
Officer Steve Moore
Officer Gavin Patrick
Officer Eric Taylor
Agent Allen Lowe - United States Secret Service
Officer Chris Castle - Flatwoods Police Department

Life Saving Award

Lieutenant William Bare
Officer Richard Bohannon
Officer Angel O'Pell
Officer Troy Patrick
Officer Eric Taylor (x 2)
Officer Rick Tweddell
Letter of Commendation
Officer Danny Mooney
Educational Achievement Award
Chief Robert Ratliff (Class B)
Major Todd Kelley (Class B)
Officer Brian Clark (Class A)
Officer Steve Moore (Class B)
Civilian Service Awards
Jeromy Blum
Robert Cackowski
Certificate of Appreciation
Charles Parker Tracey Crawford
Jill Easterling
Tracey Hunter
Paul Underwood
Kathy Donnelly
Wade Haack
Anthony Brown
Chelsea Dearfield
Mike Thomas
John Donnelly
Julie Vidaud
Paul Manning
Ricky Porter
Cindy Whitt
Steve Dowdy
Brock Walter

Dedication to duty awarded by APD

By MIKE JAMES - The Independent

It was a night to applaud those who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Members of the Ashland Police Department gathered Tuesday for their yearly awards ceremony, recognizing both officers and civilians for bravery, dedication and devotion to the community.

The awards demonstrate exceptional performance by police of all ranks, and civilians too, Chief Rob Ratliff said. “It doesn’t make a difference what the rank or title, everybody pitches in.”

“It takes a lot of people, working together,” Ratliff said.

Three officers received the Medal of Honor — one of the highest award the department bestows.

They include Sgt. Ryan Conley, Officer Richard Bohanon and Sgt. Mark E. McDowell.

Bohanon and Conley risked their lives to thwart a suicide attempt on the Simeon Willis Bridge in March 2008. McDowell risked his when a fleeing suspect crashed into his cruiser on the bridge last month.

Those receiving meritorious service awards include officers Edwin Harrison, Edward T. Sparks and JR Schoch, and Kenneth Cauley, warden at the Federal Correctional Institute.

Honorable service awards went to Lt. William H. Bare, Sgt. Tim Renfroe, detectives Brian Clark, Eric Jordan and Robert Brunty, officers Richard S. Menifee, Jason A. Moore, O. Gavin Patrick, James E. Jordan, Tony Floyd, Joshua R. Johnson, Joshua R. Steele, JR Schoch and Maj. William Todd Kelley.

Exceptional duty awards went to officers Chief Robert Ratliff, Maj. William T. Kelley, Lt. David A. Slone, Lt. William H. Bare, Sgt. Ronnie S. Sexton, Sgt. J. Ryan Conley, officers Charles R. Tweddell, Joshua R. Johnson, Jeremy M. Helms, Eric A. Taylor, Glenn W. Porter Jr., Brian A. Horn, Robert O. Simpson, Edward T. Sparks, Jason A. Moore, Steven K. Moore, Richard S. Menefee, Mark A. Wessell, James Eric Jordan, Eric M. Homan, Phillip M. Howard and Angel O’Pell.

Life-saving awards went to Lt. William D. Hensley and officers Charles R. Tweddell, Jason A. Moore and Phillip M. Howard.

Civilian service awards went to Dan Tolbert, Christy Baker, Kevin Burks, Randy Holder, Kyle Boggs, John Greene, David Travis and Jesse Johnson.

Letters of commendation went to corrections officer Dewey Derifield, dispatchers John Carroll, William McKenzie, Brandon Kitts, Ricky Porter, Scott Morgan, Julie Vidaud and Janetta Salyers.

Certificates of appreciation went to David Bloebaum, Werner Lobert and Jason Wittenberg and dispatchers Nick Poynter, Scott Morgan, John Carroll, Valerie Penick, Julie Vidaud and Janetta Salyers.


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